September 9th, 2008

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Writer's Block: Life With ADHD

This month is Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Month. Talk about your experiences with ADHD, or those of someone close to you.
i don't have AD(H)D but you'd think listening to people talk about me that i would.  last year, three out of my seven teachers asked if i had it.  oh~ let's not forget what my friends say!  one said, "DANIELLE, DON'T GET MEDICATED, YOU'RE TOO HYPER AND FUN!" i was like, "o ok, but for what?" 

i used to vehemently "deny" the "existence" of AD(H)D, but i do believe that there are many people who have a much harder time concentrating than others.  the only reason i would say that was because of all the hype it brought up.  but that was about two years ago.  now, it'd be really nice to have something that would make focusing and concentrating easier.

it sucks to sit in class with forty minutes of free time, but wind up only doing two to four problems because your mind is so scattered that it actually becomes a task to finish them.  also, i leave so many things unfinished.  i'm an okay initiator.  however, finishing?  completely different story. 

i've been wanting to be ~screened~ for it for a while, but i doubt any doctor will believe me ): because i make okay grades, mainly.  my first two years in high school has a cumulative GPA of an A.  i don't know really.  it would be ~glorious~ to finally focus...but the road there would be a hard, long, upward one.  plus, my mother even doubts i have it, or some form of it.

i've taken ritalin before and when most people take it illegally, they say they're hyper.  NOT FOR ME.  i sat in my room, cross-legged, watching the television for six hours straight without getting up.  i stayed up for twenty-seven hours.  i had a calm and serene day.  so that really, uhh, reflects the effect it had.  if i told that to a doctor, i'd get jumped on for taking a prescription that wasn't for me (but for a family member).  and if that piece of information weren't so ~shady~, i'd definitely tell a doctor.

this became unnecessarily long ahahhaa.

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